Sharon Hunt Clinic

Today was the first of our Sharon Hunt jumping clinics. Sharon is a world class eventer who holders her UKCC Level 3 coaching exam. She is an excellent coach and put everyone through their paces at the beautiful indoor school at Rosewood Stud in Chippenham.

There were 3 groups of 4 riders in each group depending on the combinations abilities.

Initially Sharon assessed every rider individually through all three places making adjustments where necessary. The group then moved onto working over poles. The emphasis was on keeping the horse in a consistent rhythm. Poles were set out 5 (horse canter) strides apart with the aim of getting the same sized stride for each of the 5 strides, obviously some combinations found this more difficult than others but after a few tips form Sharon everyone improved.

They groups them moved onto some jumping exercises before having a go at a course. Sharon then helped each rider improve before they jumped again. Each combination showed improvement and it was interesting to see how many different problems they needed to overcome.

We hope everyone enjoyed the sessions and learnt from the clinic (including the spectators!). Our next clinic with Sharon Hunt is on Bank Holiday Monday - 5th May. Click here for more information.